In the early part of the 21st century, scientists achieved rapid developments in the field of virtual reality. Just a generation later, mankind witnessed the first successful test of WBE (Whole Brain Emulation) – allowing for the upload and download of one’s consciousness to a digital realm.

Virtual reality continued to evolve alongside WBE technology, resulting in the birth of the Metaverse: an advanced virtual reality realm where nearly anything is possible. The Metaverse serves as a means of entertainment and escape for a population living on a dying world. Within the Metaverse, humanity finds itself freed from the constraints of physical limitations, able to explore a world of endless wonders, and most importantly, able to escape an overpopulated world depleted of resources.

…But no realm, digital or real, exists without dangers. In recent days, rumors have begun to surface of a threat to the Metaverse. The most alarming rumor: sightings of strange creatures roaming the digital landscape.