Type 001

Pronunciation : WEN-di-sloth
Nickname : "King of the Wilds"
Native Habitat : Deep forests, mountains, caves
Height / Weight : 9 feet / 450 lbs
Environmental Control : Forest Manipulation (Chlorokinesis / Geokinesis) (plant-life, earth)
Special Abilities : “Encumber” – The Wendisloth has the ability to drain strength from adversaries, leaving the target feeling as though they were burdened by heavy weights and greatly slowing their movements.
Description : Solidarity creatures, Wendisloths typically reside out in the far wilds of the metaverse. They are slow to anger, but if provoked, they are a fearsome foe. Wendisloths’ incredibly slow movement speed is more than offset by their superhuman strength, stamina, and endurance. Those traits, combined with the Wendisloth’s special ability, “Encumber,” make this usually docile beast especially dangerous. Do NOT be fooled by their “gentle giant” appearance…and do NOT antagonize them.


Type 002

Pronunciation : Wgor-go-NA-ga
Nickname : "Queen of Bogs”"
Native Habitat : Wetlands, coastlands, swamps
Height / Weight : 5 feet (including tail) / 125 lbs
Environmental Control : Wetlands Manipulation (Aquakinesis / Lutokinesis) (water, mud)
Special Abilities : “Hypnotic gaze” – Gorgonagas can paralyze targets with their stare. They use the ability sparingly, as the effects only last until the gorgonaga blinks, at which time the target is able to move.
Description : Gorgonagas are agile, aggressive, and fiercely territorial…and to be avoided at all costs. What gorgonagas lack in brute strength, they more than make up for in speed and agility (especially in their native environment). Gorgonagas are known for preying on unwary travelers in the metaverse, lying in wait to ambush targets with their special ability “Hypnotic gaze”…and then attack. Always maintain heightened awareness when traveling the wetlands zone of the metaverse!.


Type 003

Pronunciation : ko-BOG-lin
Nickname : "Kobo”
Native Habitat : Industrial centers, urban environments
Height / Weight : 3 feet / 55 lbs
Environmental Control : Industrial Manipulation (Technokinesis, Ferrokinesis) (technology, metal)
Special Abilities : “Aggregate” – Koboglins can absorb other koboglins to increase their size and boost their attributes. This ability has a diminishing marginal return for each koboglin absorbed (i.e. each additional koboglin absorbed provides a lesser power increase).
Description : Koboglins - also known as "kobos" - always run in packs of 3 or more. This is partly due to their social nature, and partly for defense. Kobos are weaker monsters compared to many denizens of the metaverse…but as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Literally, considering the koboglin special ability "Aggregate." Unlike some of the stronger monsters in the metaverse, koboglins can only use their Environmental Control ability after using "Aggregate" to combine 3 or more kobos. Intellectually curious creatures, kobos are seen scampering around the more populated areas of the metaverse…usually causing some form of mischief.